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AD/Openfire 3.3.2. Not all users are showing up in user list

Hey All,

I’ve been using openfire for a couple of days now…and it is a rather robust little server. I want to use it for interdepartmental communications, but I have a problem. When the AD query goes throuhg (VERY generic, objectClass=user) it only pulls the first 1000 records. The total records the query pulls elsewhere (In my various ldap/ad browsers) is 1759.

When I look at my users list…it stops around the letter O. Is there a user limit I’m not aware of? I tried to refine my search to clear out some unneeded things, but even using ObjectClass=person or organizatoinal person returns the same 1759…so I’m stuck until I can import the 759 more users.

This has happened accross two openfire servers with the exact identical configuraiton.

Can anyone tell me whats going down?