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AD user not showing in Spark Client lists

I’‘ve recently discovered a problem, where one of my users in AD is not showing up in Spark. I have three AD groups set up which relate to three groups in Openfire. All users assigned to these groups show up, either online or offline, except this one user. I’'ve checked and double-checked their permissions, and they seem fine. This person has shown in the list in the past, though.

I’'ve tried removing the user from all groups, adding them to different groups, no luck.

When I go to the administrative console, the user shows authenticated in the Sessions tab, and shows logged in and a member of a group in the Users list, but does not show up in the Group listing.

Any help would be appreciated.

I just went through this with one of my users. I resolved the issue by selecting “Domain Users” as this particular users “primary group” in AD.

“Domain Users” is already set as the Primary Group. Anything else?