AD userPrincipalName issue on latest openfire v. 3.9.1


We have an issue when we try to use userPrincipalName as an openfire username. As a result we receive correct amount of ldap users, but without any data in them.

The ldap properties are:

ldap.searchFilter = memberOf=CN=SecChatActive,DC=lab,DC=priv)

ldap.searchFields = userPrincipalName

ldap.usernameField = userPrincipalName

Below is the screenshot of what we have in user list

Before we used sAMAccountName - it worked well.

Thanks for any kind of help!!!

This issue is related to openfire not escaping field when fetching via LDAP. So it fails on loadUser when it checks if name contains ‘@’. Here is a patch for fixing this t_escaped.patch

Thanks, filed as OF-779

Hey, it looks like this patch may be related to LDAP groups disappearing issue in 3.9.3 (OF-830).

I have sync my openfire by using principalName, but when I need to add the administrators, it throws an exception and it tries to add:

there is a solution for this?