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AD users but local authentication (Samba)


I need help.

I installed openfire v 3.8.2 on my Centos 6.4 server. During installation I pointed LDAP authentication. Everything is working fine BUT in Active Directory I have users that can logon only on specified computers. Those users who are not allowed to connect to my DC server, can not authorize to openfire.

Maybe someone of you know the decision.

Server with installed Openfire is a member of domain, I can see all domain users and groups, users can connect to this server with their domain credentials.

What can I do to make users authorized on this server instead to check their credentials on DC server

Hybrid auth (local + LDAP) is not supported in Openfire. You have to use either LDAP for all users or local database for all users.

I haven’t tested this…so I don’t know if it will work…but you could try the following:

Create a 2nd domain that will be used for openfire authentication. Then set up a one way trust from your AD domain to the authenticating domain. Then you should be able to add users to the authentication domain while preventing them from accessing your AD domain.