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Add a AD user to be a second admin after install

can someone please tell me how to accomplish the following task;

I am the active admin for Openfire, I use AD in a windows enviroment. Openfire is installed and running on a Windows server.

The clients all login into Spark with their AD credentials and everything is perfect.

I have the need to add another admin that is also a AD member. How can i add another AD user to be a secondary admin for access to the openfire console?


you need to edit the openfire.xml file on the server. The file is usually at C:\Program Files\Openfire\conf\openfire.xml. Add new user to <authorizedUsernames> area.

do I stop the service first, or just restart after i edit the .xml file?

Just to give an example to the (correct) statement above:


Where joe and sally are LDAP/AD users. And I found a quick server restart made everything happy.


I have had mixed results with editing the server with the service running. I would recommend you stop the service first. Then start the service when the edits are saved.