Add buddys via emailaddy

Hi Everyone,

i’ve setup an openfire server, connected it to our Active Directory and added SRV records to our domain.

Everything works fine so far, props to the Devs, this is a really cool product.:slight_smile:

Theres on thing that still bugs me.

our logins arent the same as the email(username: jtest email: jabber.test@domain)

external users can add our contacts with jtest@domain, but not with jabber.test@domain.

as a workaround, i’ve added the uid,which was unused by Active Directory, with the fullname and used it as loginfield for openfire.

it works, but its not very nice to administer, because you always have to add this attribute to the users.

I’ve already tried to use mail as username, but after some reading in the forums, i understand, that this isnt allowed by the XMPP standard.

It would be nice to have the email as additional JID.



Same issue here, search and adds will work with email address on spark clients, but to simplify cross client / cross domain use we would like the JID to match email address.

searching on the topic is diffult because the keywords are too ambigous.