Add_Contact_Disabled not working Spark

Hello All!

I recently took the dive and installed an Openfire Server (v 4.0.2) with Spark clients (v and so far I’m really liking what I’m getting out of it! While configuring the file, I ensured that I disabled many options that my users won’t need and one of which is the ADD_CONTACT_DISABLED option. Even though I have it set to true, it doesn’t seem to take effect; even on a fresh install of Spark. Has anyone run into this before? I know the file is working as several other settings I can confirm are working that I’ve either enabled or disabled (for example, ADD_CONTACT_GROUP_DISABLED is working).

Thoughts are appreciated! Let me know if you’d like to see my file and I’ll gladly share.

Works for me.

You can share your file and maybe even spark.jar (press Use advanced editor to attach files).

Here you go!
spark.jar (3940569 Bytes) (4174 Bytes)

This is how it displays in my editor, when i open file from your spark.jar

ADD_CONTACT_DISABLED = true#Disables adding contact groups

The User wont be able to add contact groups,

usefull for shared roster management


You need to add newline character there and split true from the other line.

Looks like that did it! Thank you.