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Add groups to a user's roster?

Hello, I’m need to create 2 groups to the user’s roster but I don’t find the way. I’ve studied the documentation, but all the references to groups creation or management seem to refer to global groups in the openfire server, but not individual groups for a user’s roster. Maybe I’m trying to do something that’s not implemented or not posible, I would really appreciate if someone could give me some help.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Alejandro,

Unfortunately there is no way to create a group without adding at least one contact to it. Could you explain a little bit more about what you’re trying to do and maybe we could figure out a solution.



Sure. I need to create groups, just like as if you organize your contacts with an IM Client (Such as Spark). So I just need to create 1 group (called for example “Admin”), so I can detect that this contact is “special”, to let this contact do some special operations. The rest of contacts could remain in a default group, so I just need to distinguish between this “special contact” and the rest of them.

I can’t use the openfire server global groups, because I need to know if that contacts belongs to that group but only in the different rosters to which he could be subscribed. For example: Let’s imagine we have two users, called John and Tom, and a special contact called admin, both users can havethe user admin to their roster, but not both of them are obliged to have that contact in the Admin group.

I hope I’ve been more explanatory.