Add new table/s and new Interface/s

Hi all,

I have installed Openfire on my machine.

I want to add a new interface to the open fire where in i want to set/get some data in a custom table/s.

I want to add a new table/s wherein i want to store my name, myFriendsName, etc, etc and fetch that

later whenever i need it in the flow. can you pls tell me how can the

same be achieved? I was searching for some docs in openfire site but

haven’t got anything yet!. I am sure there are some documents, can you share a document i can refer or you have.?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Shridhar,

Depending on exactly what you’re wanting to do I would suggest you take a look at the plugin developer guide. Plugins can be configured to create/manage tables within the Openfire database schema and can be written to handle custom XMPP packets.

Hope that helps,


Hey Ryan,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I want to add some new tables, where in i store user specific data and retreive (from java code) them when i need them.

Based on the document, here is what i am doing; i have created a project with following structure;


³ |
³ -org
³ </del>-comp
³ </del>-org
³ -comp (java/class files)
-database (Custom DB tabe schema / queries)
|-lib (jar files)
³ </del>-of
|-- web-custom.xml
|-- web.xml

|-- plugin.xml

  • Is the above structure correct?

  • Once i am done with writing java classes, do i need to just create a .jar file of myproj and put it in *$\Openfire\plugins* folder then retstart Openfire server?

  • There is a mention of ANT script to build the application, i couldnt find build.xml, which i can use to build myproject…


Instead of this; can i just write a web application, deploy it in the server and make http calls to set/fetch the data. For this i will go ahead and created required table directly in openfire database, write queries. Is it fine or Open fire recommends to develop/customize as its explained in document.

  • Will there be any problems/implications if i develop a separete appln and not develop as explined in document (i mean plugin). Is it recomended.

  • Do i need to register custome development anywhere in the database/xml etc.

Hope i have made my requiements clear.

Please suggest!!

pls let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks in advance.,


Hi Shridhar,

Your project structure is close but it isn’t quite right. I would suggest you download the Openfire source and take a look at how the Monitoring and Packet Filter plugins are laid out. You might also want to read through “So, you want to write a plugin…” parts one and two which should answer your questions.

Hope that helps,