Add new user from application

I have openfire 3.7.1 installed in a windows enviroment linked to a MS SQL database. The client is pidgeon in my case but I don’t think using a different client will matter.

I know I can to use the admin console but I want to manage users through my application.

I, of course can manually update the database to add/delete a user, and it eventually will show up on the client after logging out and back in, but I want the IM client reflect the chagne right away, like when you do it from the admin console.

How do I get it to reflect the change right away?

Any help is appreciated.



I’m sure this wasn’t the right way but I added the following system properties.

cache.userCache.maxLifetime = 10000

cache.username2roster.maxLifetime = 10000 = 10000

cache.multicast.maxLifetime = 10000

cache.ldap.maxLifetime = 10000

cache.listsCache.maxLifetime = 10000

cache.remoteUsersCache.maxLifetime = 10000

cache.userGroup.maxLifetime = 10000

I can now add/delete users to the database through my application and 10 seconds later, the changes are reflected in the client. You have to log out and back in, but its close enough.

The proper way is to use the API, so you need to write a plugin. and the plugin will likely communitcate over HTTP (REST/JSON/SOAP).

There is already a registration plugin to create users, but managing rosters is currently not possible.

Setting the cache duration wo such low values may be a bad idea, unless you have only a few users.