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Add Newrelic javaagent to Openfire

Hello Team!

We are trying to integrate newrelic solution in Openfire (Windows server) and according to the documentation that provided on newrelic, for most of the Java application servers we need to add the javaagent as explained here


Since Openfire is configured to run on Jetty App server, not sure we can set it there but I didn’t find any standalone configuration files to add this. So while investigating further, noticed ‘openfirectl’ script in Openfire\bin folder and there we can see start and stop commands for openfire service so thought of adding the javaagent there. Before doing that, i just tried to validate the impact of altering this file so I renamed/moved this file from this location but i noticed that still Openfire was running without any issues even without this file in the bin directory so not sure making any changes in this file is going to make any difference here.

Any advise on this will be really appreciated, like where we can add the javaagent to enable the newrelic for Openfire.

Thanks in advance,

Hi, We are trying to instrument a similar java agent in openfire server. Can you pls share the solution, in case you figured it out.?