Add participants to MUC room from Openfire console

I am trying to add participants to an MUC room (persistent) that’s created from a open fire admin console.

But it seems like there is no option to do that. Does anyone know if there is a reason for that.

If there is no way , can someone point out how to do this through a plugin. Is there an API that I can use to invite or join users into the created MUC room.

What do you mean by ‘add participants to an MUC room’? You mean force certain users to be in the room?

Yes I mean to add some users as participants to the room. (yes, force - as they don’t have to accept the requests to join room).

and are these members persistent as well like a persistent room.

Hi Daryl,

I was able to make some progress on this. I created an open fire plugin and created a room, and added participants into it by doing an invite through the room method (mucRoom.sendInvitation). all this was working fine but what I observe is that the participants can chat between themselves whereas the room did not have all participants showing in the room roster.

this is how it looks (only with one user). There should be another user also in the room (cisco.devagenti1)

Are you using Spark version before 2.7.4? You are probably facing this issue [SPARK-1576] Spark is not showing room participants when presence icons should be showing - Jive Software Open Source

You can either change to show user roles in Spark or try another workaround with presence broadcasting or real JID showing. Or you can update Spark.

thank you wroot. I am able to see the users now after upgrading to Spark 2.7.5. However I had to enable the settings on room - Broadcast presence for 1) Moderator 2) Participat (which I forgot to set to earlier) and i could then see the users presence and all users who are in the room insider the roster.

I see. Well it seems that the original issue is gone (you wasn’t able to see even yourself in the list, and when chat roles were enabled you could see everyone, but not when presence bubble were enabled, now it is more consistent), but it is still a strange behavior. But when you remove all types from “Broadcast presence for” when not just Spark, other clients do not show anyone but you either. So it is not a Spark issue. And this is maybe how it should behave, when you do not send presence at all, when a client can’t determine whether there is someone in a room or not. The only strange thing i have noticed is that Spark is not updating status of another user when Real JID is only shown to Moderator. Other clients still update status information in this setup. Have filed this issue as [SPARK-1707] Doesn’t update status of users in MUC when Real JID is only shown to Moderator - Jive Software Open Source