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Added a few new avatars

Hey all,

For your enjoyment, I added a few more avatar choices. I think I’'m going to stick with the “anonymous baseball cap guy” avatar for now, but there are some tempting new ones…



I think i’‘ll stick with my old one Hm, but maybe i’‘ll think about new avatar when i’'ll rich golden medal Make an avatar with Golden Medal !

Hey Matt,

Are your new avatars in forum for icon?what do i used it?i am already a copper model user:)

what do iused it?

it’'s just for fun

what do iused it?

it’'s just for fun

wroot,why you can send smile sign to smile icon,i just do it in sign:(

what is new avatars?:slight_smile:

An avatar is an image that identifies someone. It’'s the image that you see under the name of some users. Matts avatar is an image of a guy in a blue shirt with a red baseball cap, Wroots avatar is an image of the yin yang symbol, mine is a ace of harts.

Avatars don’‘t do anything. You can use them to personalize your account a little, that’'s all. You can set or change your avatar in the control panel. Click on the link that says url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/usersettings!default.jspaYour Control Panel[/url].

I’‘m not sure why you can’‘t create smilies. That should be happening automatically. I’'m guessing that somethings going wrong when using your locale or characterset settings.

To place a smiley write It’'s just smiley must be separated by spaces (replace _ with spaces)

All avatars:


Hey guys,

i already do it in forum, thanks Guus and wroot for this explain.now we can more cheer runing on jive . hey wroot , give your © .