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Adding a legal disclaimer

I have been searching but unable to find this answer. Possibly I am asking it wrong.

We will be using an Openfire server with PSIChat as the primary desktop client ( for some reason Spark will not work within our network configuration ) . External users will be able to choose other clients as the see fit.

What I need to do is when a conversation is started a standard legal disclaimer is send both clients.

Example being from Skype

"Lync/Skype communications with 3rd parties must comply with the
Information Management Standards and Manual. Instant Messaging must not be used
to exchange Confidential information, or to create Records or formal agreements
with 3rd parties. "

There is no such option or plugin.

Where does the time stamp come from that is displayed on the client side ? From the Client or is the server sending the client that information ? In theory the disclaimer would be above or below that if it could be added.

Time stamp is added by the client when the message arrives. In theory everything is doable. But i doubt there are many interested in such feature, so unless someone provides a patch, it won’t be added.

Typically, folks use the “MOTD Plugin” to provide a warning message at login time to denote the presence of monitoring and compliance logging.

The MOTD is what I am using as a stand in. You know legal departments. If one application can do something ( Skype ) then all should be able to do it. I understand their reasoning, I just need to prove it can not be done.

another option might be to create a custom build of spark, and simply add the text to the chat window box.