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Adding a link to another server in Service Discovery


How can I add a link to another server in the Service Discovery items? So that when I discover the server, that also the Service Discovery items from the link are showed.

That’‘s an interesting feature request. It’'s not currently supported by Jive Messenger. Can you explain the use-case more?



Hey Sander,

JM currently supports components to be dynamically added to the disco#items list. That means that it is possible to create a plugin that includes a component that will appear as a disco#item of the server. Clients can discover the component and then send disco#info to the component’'s JID.

Are you asking to do something similar but for servers? Would you like to be able to add the new disco#item from the admin console or as part of a plugin using the IQDiscoItemsHandler’'s API? It would be great if you can also provide a use case like Matt already mentioned.


– Gato

Well, it is very common on public deployments of jabberd and ejabberd to add a link to the Jabber Users Directory at jabber.org. For ejabberd it can be done like this:



{mod_disco, [{extra_domains, [“users.jabber.org”]}]},


Another use could be to run specific services on another server and make it look the local server is providing these services.

Any idea when this key feature will be implemented?