Adding a new ad-hoc command using a plugin, instead of modifying sources


Would it be possible to add a new ad-hoc command using a plugin?

I want to use ad-hoc commands to query for one user’‘s presence. In Wildfire’‘s 3.1.1 there is already a command that querys for "all-connected-users’’ presence, but i have too many users to use this.

I’‘d like to have a new ad-hoc command for doing this, but i wouldn’‘t like to re-compile wildfire’'s sources to add my new command.

So, is it feasible to add a new ad-hoc command, but using the plugin interface instead of modifying wildfire’'s sources?

Thanks a lot for your attention!

it is rather simple, in your plugin use the following code:




I am now starting to develop a plugin to do this.

Thanks a lot!!