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Adding a Roster Entry with nickname on both sides

Hi All,

I am currently putting together a messenger client which uses smack and openfire.

Now assume that user1 adds a new contact user2, then what i’d like to happen is for user1 to be added to user2 and vice versa without user2 needing to accept the request. I have managed to get this working with the automatic subscription modes, but i am having a problem which is that only one user has the other’s user’s “name” attribute in his roster, while the other user has a empty string/null entry for the name in the roster. (as opposed to the username). I have used:

roster.createEntry(fullUsername, name, null);

Can anyone tell me how to use createEntry() only on one side of a relationship, but add the roster entries on both sides of the relationship WITH the user’s name attributes on both sides.

Thanks in advance,