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Adding a user to a group while creating an account


I would like add a user to specific group while creating the account…Is that possible?



Hi Veena,

I’'m not sure that I do understand what you want to do. You may create a local roster using Smack but server groups are afaik not accessable from the client.

Maybe you can explain your use case, I see no need to do this while creating the account. As a server admin I would disable any XMPP account creation for users anyway.

There is the web registration plugin, it may be modified to do this.

There is the import/export plugin, I didn’‘t look at it so far so I’'m not sure if one can import new users which belong to a server group.

You could use SQL and insert the new users in the database but Wifi should be down while you are doing this.



I wanted to know if there is way to add a user to a group using SMack API?

Hi veens,

I was trying to find an answer to the same question you had, and I figured it out. I installed Spark, and while sniffing the stanzas as I added user “anoosh” to “test group”, I detected this:

Which means all you need to do is, after you’‘ve created the account using the Registration packet, send a Roster packet with this & you’'re all set.

I hope this helped.



Hi Dan,

your description and code looks like adding another user to your roster but not like adding yourself to a server-managed group. So I wonder if it helps.