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Adding an AIM Account?

So we recently upgraded to Openfire and we have added the gateway plugin. i was trying to add an AIM user but am not having any success.

here is the scenario:

we use Openfire as an internal company IM server. We recently wanted to open it up to a few outside users who have AIM accounts.

so in settings we have checked the AIM gateway, permisisons set to manual registration only. when i tested the connection it came back as success so i assume there was no firewall issue.

So we have registered the AIM users via the registration admin interface.

next question, the user(jid) do we create that? would that be their AIM user name or would be something we assign?

next, their user name and password is their AIM account info? or thta can be anything?

now from the users end…

would they create a new connection in their client to Jabber with the (jid) pointing to our server ex: me@myserver and the password we setup?

any help or info would be great.


It is easier to let the clients enter their AIM account information in their spark clients. They woul only need to add the screenname and the AIM password. This will automatically add it to the server for you with all the proper configuration setting for your server.

Here is a screenshot of a getway config for Yahoo, AIM, MSN: http://www.mtstravel2.com/ScreenShot003.jpg

great. thanks for the help.

i think the problem that i was having, what that i didnt have them added as a user in the user/groups tab. once i put them in as a user the connection was made.

Also if you are using LDAP for authentication, create a group for gateway users. Use this group to grant access then add the users in one location as needed. This comes in very handy if you grant access to more than one gateway per user.

Am I reading you right in that you are asking for an account on another XMPP server to be able to register with your local AIM gateway? If so that’s not possible. The IM Gateway plugin uses Openfire internals to do it’s job, including working directly with your roster behind the scenes. It can not work with remote users. If you want that support you may want to look into PyAIMt as it doesn’t care. (but it also doesn’t benefit from what I can do internally)

nope i am good to go. thanks for everyones help.