Adding buddies... with gateway

I am cuirrently logging in to my openfire account, and from that account I have enabled the Yahoo gateway plugin.

So when I log in, to openfire, I also log in to Yahoo (via the transport).

When I add a Yahoo! buddy, I add

1.) Should I be adding it as or

2.) When I successfully add the name, it always shows up as offline, even though the buddy is online and I can send and receive messages from them. How do I fix this?

3.) When I log off, and then log back in, the newly added buddy disappears. Any ideas?

4.) Once I successfully add the yahoo buddy to my openfire account, is he supposed to show up if I login to my Yahoo account? In other wods does adding a buddy add it to the yahoo account as well?



  1. You should add them with their Yahoo ID only. It may not even need the depending on the account (I do not need it for mine)

  2. Yahoo requires approval to add users to your roster. There may be a configuration issue with your openfire server. The subscription plugin can configure to intercept and approve or deny roster addition requests. I have had this affect Server to Server contact additions.

  3. This is tied to #2. It the Yahoo addition is not properly approved it will vanish from the roster.

  4. Yes. successful addition of a yahoo buddy adds them to your Yahoo roster as well. They will only show in spark if the are online, otherwise they will be in the offline group.

Thanks for the quick reply…

I thoguht that when I added the buddy, I got the authorization request to which I responded.

Can you give me more information on the subscription plugin? The openfire docs are totally lacking in any real information. For instance, I can set it to to accept everything or reject everything… but I don’t see much use in either of those two options. Maybe I am missing something.


If you set it to accept local, then it will allow accounts created on the openfire server (or from LDAP) to be added to rosters without approval. Either of the other settings appears to interfer with gateway or Server to Server contact additions.