Adding Contacts Automatically

So, here’s my situation. I’d like to use the Openfire server internally so that employees can chat without hitting the Internet. It looks like Openfire combined with Spark will work great (I even got it connected to LDAP today, so all of our Active Dir users have been imported nicely). My only problem is, I don’t want users to have to go through the whole Add Contact, wait for Confirmation, Confirm Again process every time they want to chat with someone new. I’d rather it be setup so that when someone logs on for the first time (and every time after) they’d see all of the contacts on the server under their friends list and be able to chat with a co-worker immediately. I couldn’t find a way to do this so far. Maybe a plugin is necessary? Sorry if this is a duplicate question.



Hi Cal,

Please try using the search feature, this question has been asked and answered many times before.


This may help:

Also check the subscription plugin set to allow local.

I cannot believe you got points for that answer…

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