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Adding Contacts through Spark

I am using Openfire 3.6.0a along with Spark 2.5.8. I have IM Gateway 1.2.4.d installed as well.

My issue concerns working with external IM Services (MSN, AIM, Yahoo and GTalk) to manage contacts/buddy list subscriptions.

Through much testing, I have found that the only service that allows the send or recieve of Contacts to the roster is Yahoo. All other services do not function correctly. Take for instance, if I add an MSN user, that account shows up on my contact list and just shows that the person is offline. When I contact that person, they state that they are online and have not recieved a request from me. This is true of MSN, AIM and GTalk. I also am unable to recieve requests from those 3 services if someone adds my account to their contact list.

If I log directly into AIM, MSN or GTalk (not through Spark) the requests appear and I accept them and they are added into my Buddy List. I am then able to restart Spark and those people now appear on my Spark Buddy/Contact List for those services. This is affecting all of my users at my organization.

Any idea of what could be causing this? I would like full roster management of all external services using the Spark client through the Openfire Server. Only Openfire contacts and Yahoo contacts can be managed at this time…

Thanks for any input.

Okay - due to the lack of response I see that no one has a solution. BUT, can anyone confirm if they are able to successfully add ‘buddies/contacts’ to their MSN, AIM, GTalk rosters through the Spark Client? This will let me know that the service works correctly for others and will validate that I do have some type of issue and this is not ‘normal’ operation.

Also, when others through external clients request to add you to their buddy list, are actively getting those requests through your Spark client and successfully adding them to your Spark roster?

Thanks to all that can validate the normal operation of the Spark client with Openfire and 3rd party IM solutions.

I think this is the limitation of IM Gateway plugin and Spark. Spark is only a jabber/xmpp client and it doesnt support MSN, AIM, etc. directly. Except for the toolbar icons and menus like Log in, etc. Maybe IM Gateway (or its new incarnation - Kraken) will be able to support those transports better, and also maybe Spark will be modified for a better support. But i doubt it will happen soon. I’m not using MSN, ICQ too much and i usually chat with the same contacts, so i dont notice such problems. But i remember that i was able to add new MSN contact to Spark some time ago. It was added as offline, but it worked after the Spark restart. I think so.