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Adding External Users


I am very new to openfire, currently at my business we are running strictly MSN. We want to get rid of this because many people are spending to much time talking to friends and family and not working. We have had complaints from managment and from other staff to get rid of it. I am very new to this may be missing stuff, so please bear with me.

Anyways here is my question. I am testing openfire and spark on a virtual setup to test it and show it off. What I need is a way to set it up so that everyone internally can use it, but we want to be able to limit people to only being able to add one or two people that are external, to the network and not the 20 or 30 that some people have now. Is there a way to do this so that external people can communicate with people internal? I have checked out the IMGateway and that is not right as that allows people to just log into their MSN accounts and then we are right back to where we are now, unless I am doing it wrong.

If you need more info just ask.

Hey Jason,

Welcome to Openfire! Have you checked the Openfire Packet Listener Plugin? It will let you control who can send messages or presences. It won’t let you set a max number of users that could subscribe to legacy users (e.g. msn users). If you need that feature then it will need to be developed for you.


– Gato

There is no perfect solution to your problem. You can limit who has access to the gateway plugin. You could also make the server allow external registrations for your clients, or as I did create client logins for them to use. Beyond that maybe some body can create a special msn plugin that restricts to a list of approved IDs.

I have not heard of this but I have downloaded the plugin and I will try it out.

For the logins that you created yourself, did you do them in active directory?

The clients that do connect from external do not have to be running MSN, I am happy to make them use spark if needed. As long as people from outside can talk to people inside I am happy, and as long as we can limit the amount of people from the outside that is great.

Maybe I am missing something here. I have openfire setup and with the internal people it works great, as for the external people I have a test account setup that I created in active directory. It is showing up in the User Summary but when I try to connect to it with spark from outside the network it cannot connect. I put in the username of Jason, my password and then the server of it4 which is the virtual server that openfire is running on. I get an error of Can’t connect to server: invalid name or server unreachable.

In openfire under External Componets I have the services enabled and it is set so that anybody can connect. In Server to Server I have it so that any server can connect and anyone can connect. In Connection Managers I have that enabled. Under Registration and Login everything is enabled. Basically I am leaving it as wide open as possable so that I can sonnect and I cannot. I am sure that I am missing something very basic here, since I am very new at this.



I think there is a misunderstanding regarding the Openfire Packet Listener. It does not actually allow any control over the Openfire server or users; rather, it forwards information about the users and their communications off to a third-party.