Adding extra info to a user?

Is there a way to add extra info to a user (RosterEntry)?

For example, I want to integrate a smack client in an application where users can have multiple roles. So “Joe” can be acting as an “observer” and an “editor” in different parts of the same application. I wan tJoe to show up in the roster as both “Joe the observer” and “Joe the editor”. Is that possible?



Not directly on the roster (other than encoding it into the groups, but that’'s probably not what you want), but you could store some private data on the server using org.jivesoftware.smackx.PrivateDataManager.

You can add MySQL to wildfire and store information there, so you can retrieve it anytime


You can’'t retrieve the information from that MySQL-server clientside, though.

We are implementing MySQL as a standalone server but it resides on the same IP as our Wildfire, so we can use java.sql library to connect and retrieve information. MySQL is not connected to Wildfire in any way. Sorry for the previous confusion.