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Adding IM gateway registrations from outsite of admin console


Is there a way my clients can add IM gateway registrations without logining into the admin console? I would like my clients to add it them selves and not me doing it from the admin console.



Allowing registrating from the client is the default setting of IM Gateway. So you dont have to do anything else to alow this. Depends on client. In Spark you just press transport icon in the toolbar and choose “Enter login information”. Then “Sign in” (and maybe “Sign in at login”).

I didn’t realise I needed to log out and log back in after installing the IM plugin, now I see it



Are there any plans to provide an external registration feature? Some clients, notably iChat, don’t provide a way to register inband.

I would recommend briefly using a client that -can- register (like psi, not spark, spark will do something that will make ichat not work with the gateways). Once you’ve registered, you can go back to ichat.

Yeah, that works functionally, but for end-users it’s less straightforward than I’d like. I wish Apple would add a bit more XMPP functionality to iChat…

Yeah, me too =/