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Adding IM Gateway To WildFire Version 2.6.0


We are running an older Wildfire version 2.6.0 as our internal IM server. We now are going to be opening it up to some AIM users. I would like to install this IM Gateway plugin. Is this compatible with Wildfire version 2.6.0?

Also, we are running Wildfire 2.6.0 on a windows box. where would i copy the file?

thanks in advance for the help

I’m afraid not. The current release is compatible with Openfire 3.3.0 or above.

I don’t think any of the releases are compatible with anything less than when it was named Openfire.

I would recommend looking at PyAIMt if you want something that’ll work with 2.6.0. (it’s probably not going to be an easy process though =()

Any reason why you can’t upgrade to 3.3.0?

thanks. i figured it wouldnt be compatible but i thought i give it a shot. i am starting to look into PyAIMt. No reason yet for the not doing the ugrade, just wasnt in our plan at this time.

thanks for your quick response.