Adding MSN Contacts into Spark

I have some questions regarding the intergration of MSN into Spark.

I have installed the MSN gatewayt and tested it through the settings and it can connect to MSN. I am using

Connect to host:

Connect to port: 80

This returns as a sucess. What I need to know how to do is how users then access their MSN accounts from the Spark client?

Also assuming the correct ports are forwarded, can an external user connect to our open fire server?

Thanks is appricated for any help given


Add a contact normally in spark expect enter the MSN address as the username then remember to click that the user is on a public network and then select the network they are on.

When I go to add a contact to Spark the only options I have are: Username, Nickname, Group

So you have to manually add in all your MSN contacts? I was hoping it would act like gaim or trillian, where it will list all the MSN contacts under a seperate tab or group



What version of Spark are you using and are you sure the IM Gateway is enabled in Openfire?

I am using Spark 2.5.8. Openfire 3.5.1 with the IM Gateway plugin 1.2.3

Within the Gateways tab I have got MSN Messenger ticked, with “All users can register”


Kimbie wrote:

What I need to know how to do is how users then access their MSN accounts from the Spark client?

If gateway is working, then every user after launching Spark should see grayed MSN icon in Spark toolbar. Then one should click on it and choose to register with MSN Gateway. Then rnter they credentials and login.

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When I logged in this morning to Spark, I had the greyed out MSN icon. I have put in my login details and the icon is still grey. I assume it goes coloured once its connected?

So will all my MSN contacts just appear in the list or will I need to add them in again?



Yes, it would get colored if you press again on that icon and select “Sign in” (and maybe also is convenient to check “Sing in at login” sp it would sign in automatically after launching Spark). Your MSN contacts will be pulled from MSN server automatically.

I also have question about MSN gateway (on Openfire). Why MSN contacts always resets usernames from ones I’ve defined into everytime I login via Spark or any other client?

I know lets hijack somebody’s thread with a question not related to the original post.


This is not a Spark issue. Track it here

I was looking for that simple information. Thanks.

Uninstalled 3.7.0 Beta and testing with 3.6.4 / Kraken 1.1.3 Beta2, hoping that duo will work.