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Adding MucMembers to Member-Only Chatroom

I have added members to a member-only Group Chat via the admin panel and saw that they were added to the ofMucMembers table. So, I tried to sync my website’s registration to INSERT INTO ofMucMembers when a new user is added. However, it appears there is more to it then that.

So, my question is, besides INSERTing the user into ofMucMembers, what else must be done to add a user to a member-only chat programmatically?

(of course, here’s where I’m adding them manual for testing http://screencast.com/t/kTUncOZse7ry )

Thanks for anyone’s help on this.


To simplify this, is it possible to have all chat rooms only assecible to users in the Openfire database? So, I wouldn’t even need to add them to ofMucMembers and any additional places?