Adding new emoticons

What is the specific format for creating/importing new emoticons?

I have several sets from an old chat client that I would like in Spark. they all have an icondef.xml I renamed it to Emoticons.plist, but Spark didn’t like that. I looked at the file and Spark uses different tags. I really didn’t want to have to redo all the xml files. any suggestions?
icondef.xml (3263 Bytes)

We Got the same problem on icon pack adding in spark… i dont know how to create… does anyone know how?

if you look at the default icon sets you will see Emoticons.plist. If you open that in notepad you can see the format. You have to make an Emoticons.plist that goes with your icons. Which wouldn’t be so bad if you have a couple of icons, but I got a couple of sets with lots of icons in each. I just didn’t want to have to type a new file for each set.

Thanks for the reply… but im kinda confused how things work around coz in that file kinda xml what if i got 500 imoticons do i need to config one by one until i reach all the 500 icons? is there any other fast work around? thank you guys… coz im building a icon pack for spark so that we all can download cool stuff