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Adding nonexistent user accounts

Is there a way to disable the ability to add a user that doesn’t exist on the system? Currently I can type any username into the “Add User” box and it will add it as pending into Spark. I vaguely remember it automatically searching for usernames in the past. Is there a setting I’m overlooking?

“Add Contact” …to be accurate.

Anyone at all?

Ive been wondering the same thing… Anyone?

There is no such option. I think Spark is “believing” the user knows what he is doing. And what is the “system”? Is this a server the Spark is logged in, and what about the contacts from the other server (if s2s is enabled) or transports? Such limitation can create another problems.

At least in my environment the “system” is Active Directory integrated openfire. Within Spark, users can click the Add a contact button and add any name they wish as a contact, even if that “person” doesn’t exist within AD. I have written my documentation to steer users to use the search functionality instead, but everyone knows how well end-users follow directions…

I understand that you want to control your enterprise messaging system to the ground. But Spark should be usable for the wide range of the users. Creating a large number of complicated settings for every need is not a good way, imho. Anyway, i see the only way for you is to make the change in the source and compile your own version. Probably you can just remove the Add user button from the interface. I think i remember someone was asking how to do this or maybe even did this, in the forums.

The “system” would be Openfire 3.6.3 running on Linux with LDAP (AD) integration. We instruct users to use the search feature as well, but people will still use the “add” button from time to time. Since our AD standard is the users full firstname_lastname, it’s inevitable that someone will add bill_smith when they should have entered william_smith, or someone who goes by their middle name. Shortly after, they’ll submit a helpdesk ticket telling us that “Spark is broken”. In an enterprise environment, it would be nice to have some sort of username checking option to lessen the support headache.