Adding OpenFire admins

I have installed OpenFire and FastPath within our company and all is well.

When running the setup, it asks you to name any admins you want who will have access to the admin console.

Is there a way to add admins once the system is set up without having to edit the xml file by hand?

I am running the server querying active directory if that makes a difference?

Many thanks.

we got same problem!

You must edit the openfire.xml file. Add the users you want to be admins seperate by commas in the <authorizedUsernames> section.


<authorizedUsernames>John.Doe,Jane.Doe,Harry.Pottter<.authorizedUsernam es>

Yea, this is how i am currently doing it but some of our IT staff would be scarred to edit the xml in case they break it!

Alternatively, can i use an active directory group for admin console access. I could then just add the admins to the group and the wider IT department will be happy to do this.

You cannot use groups here, it must be usernames. If you are concerned about damaging the xml file then simply back it up before editting.

Hi Thomas,

one should really by scared of breaking the XML file because of JM-1101. You may want to add “-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8” to your openfired.vmoptions file.