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Adding Times

Sorry if this has been asked before

Is there a way to customize Spark, so that when someone changes their status, it automatically puts a time next to their name?? Failing that can you get the names to display in the order people go available? We are wanting to use Spark as a queuing system as well as chat, so that depending who is first in the queue, they will be assigned a call


There is no such things in Spark that you described. Of course there is always a way to customize it, but by modifying the source, programming. I’m not sure if this will work for you, but maybe you want to check out Fastpath? It’s a plugin for Openfire and Spark also has integrated plugin for it. It’s a Support Desk system, where you can assign agents, queues, etc.

Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately my programing skills are zip. Will take a look into FastPath software