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Adding Users to Chats through mysql or api

I’m trying to setup openfire so that it is managed by another internal system that my company uses. What I want is to have all the different departments have their own Chat rooms and get auto logged into the chat room when they sign in. I have set this up already through the web interface. What I now need to be able to do is have this configured for new users. Currently, I have openfire working with my companies system using User Service and resigstration plguin. This allows me to create the users and their settings, but I"m not able to add them to the chat groups or make them auto login. I was wondering if anyone knew o a way to do this through some API or a MySQL command?


Accessing the database directly is not recommended. There are some inband commands, no idea whether they could help. It may be more easy to modify the reg. plugin and add there the missing functionality so you can use REST calls for everything.

Auto-login is usually a client config, no idea how openfire could help here.

Hello, i’m also very interested in auto registration using an existing mysql user databse. I want users already registered on a site to automatically be registered with the chat when they sign in. I’m using Openfire and Candy Chat client. Despite it not being recommended, it seems to be the only way out in my case. I’d greatly appreciate any help.

Look at the external auth provider and use the non-openfire db for auth. This makes user and password management more easy.

Hmm… I’m stilll trying to think how that can be achieved. Doesn’t Openfire automatically import its existing schema when using an external database? How do I prevent this?

Openfire uses then 2 databases, your (user) database is read-only for Openfire.

This link could be very helpful. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sure looks like the solution.