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Adding users via email address

Hi, currently have jive setup to authenticate again AD but to add contacts to gaim (this is a private server for ad users only) I have to add them as username@jiverservername.domain.co.uk is there anyway i can add them as just their AD defined email address.


When you configured Jive you could have set the domain to match your email domain. There are some posts on this forum regarding jive server name being different than the domain name and what’'s required for that particular confguration.


Another option to what Noah mentions – you could use the shared groups feature to share groups of users from AD. That would at least make it simpler for your users to find other people without having to do a presence subscription.




Could you please point me in the right direction for that, i seem to be blind


Okay, a quick search for CNAME or SRV is what you need. Essentially you rely on DNS to provide the correct server to go to based on the port number. This is a “poor” mans proxy or load balancer because if you don’‘t use the domain name (as opposed to the ip address) then it doesn’'t work.

If you have access to your DNS then it can be done:


This is related to subdomains, but might be relevent if you use mail.subdomain.co.uk, etc.