Adding Users

We have Wildfire Server and Spark on the Clients. When somebody i add somebody new, I have the problem that everybody in our company had to enter EVERYBODY into their list manually. Is there a better/easier way that Spark can see everybody in Wildfire and add them automatically into their “Buddy List” or search & add all users to their personal list?

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did you have a look at the registration plugin (Default Group)?


As LG said you can use Registration plugin. But that’'s in the case users are registering themselves, so you wouldnt need to put them somethere, plugin will add them to rosters automaticly. But i think in case with plugin and without it you MUST use Wildfire feature - Shared Groups. You can create a group and set it to be shared to all users. So if you add someone to that group it will automaticly reflect in rosters (keaping in mind chaching you could have to wait a while or restart your client to make it update). Registration plugin lets you select already existing shared group as a target for new users, therefore any user that registers on the server will automaticly appear in that group.