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Adding users

i have setup jive on my linux machine and can connect to it from windows machines, now my problem is messages work fine but i manually have to add all the users in the company to each and every users client, is there a option to transfer the roster or groups from one user to other ? because adding 30 - 40 users is not feasable… can someone comment on it ?

no probs i got it done…

Could you include a brief description of how you did it? If other users run into the same problem, search this forum and find this thread, they’‘d be grateful. Oh, and you can mark this thread as ‘‘answered’’ so that others know you’'ve found a solution.

i figured it out, jive is really good,

ok, done, i marked it answered

Hi Guus,

The best way to do this is to use the “Shared Roster Groups” feature of Messenger which is accessible by signing into the Admin Console and navigating Users/Groups -> Groups -> Create New Group. You can use the “Shared Roster Groups” in conjunction with the registration plugin to automatically place new users into a specified group when they first create an account.

Hope that helps,