Adding users

Hello I have a fresh installation of openfire, I just created 3 users let’s say user A B and C

When I add user A as contact to user B, user A can’t chat with user B and vice versa.

But when I add them in one group, they can chat and all names are displayed.

How can enable a user A to be added as a contact to user B list and allow them to start chatting without being a part of a group.

A little like facebook where you send a request and once the receiver confirm it, two users can engage in a chat…


User shouldn’t be required to have any particular subscription state in order to chat. Maybe you could elaborate what prevents those two from exchanging messages?

I finally realized my mistake.

Some firewall configuration needed to be done on the router side, and I had to properly configure a domain name.

But I’m looking for a good tutorial on how to install and configure the connections manager.

Do you know of anything that can help me ?