Adding vcard info from LDAP

My initial set-up of openfire was with 3.5.x this spring. Connected to our OpenLDAP server (Not AD) and everything has been working well. Recently upgraded to 3.6.0a and everything still working well. When our system was initially set-up, our LDAP server only contained username and e-mail info. I recently populated our LDAP server with {telephoneNumber} and was hoping this new info would populate the display of the vcard? seen in Spark when you roll-over a user. It did not. Is there any additional config which is required to update user vcard info in Spark? I use a mySQL db with Openfire running on a Mac server. The new telephone info added to our LDAP server is seen correctly in our Outlook AddressBooks. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

My vcards are fully populated but a roll-over in spark does not reveal the data. I need to right click to and view profile to see more data, then click view full profile to see all data.

Thanks Todd, That was it!!