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Additional Profile Info

I’ve added a few extra profile fields if you want to share more details about your background with your fellow community members. It’s all optional. Share … or don’t … either is fine.

Hi Dawn,

the “Phone Number (Hidden):” field is probably the most interesting one. “Hidden” should maybe read “Only visible for Jivesoftware” or something like this. Or can I store there my phone number and look it up in case i forget it?

You did not add any IM field like “JID:”, “ICQ UID:”, “AOL Screename:”, …, one may want to add these and display the status within the forum.

I have no idea who did sort the fields, but what does “Title:” in the middle of the profile information mean? “Job Description”?

It may help to make the bio field much bigger, it may be very hard to enter bio information in it manually - I guess that you did copy&paste.