Adjust Java Memory

Good day.

I already created “openfired.vmoptions” and “openfire-service.vmoptions” under C:\Openfire\bin.






restart the Openfire server but nothing has change with the Java Memory size.

Did i miss something? Please help.

Thank you.

If you use it with a service, then yes, you only need the openfire-service.vmoptions and restart the service.

Make sure this is openfire-service.vmoptions and not openfire-service.vmoptions.txt

Hi wr00t, thank you!

its already adjust the Java memory, but when i try to use 2048 i got this error

Error occurred during initialization of VM

Could not reserve enough space for 2097152KB object heap

Window 7 Pro 64bit

Java 64bit

Thank you.


Can’t help with that. Have no experience using it with 64-bit Java. have you deleted the openfire/jre folder though? It will use it (built-in Java) until you remove it. Do you really need that much memory allocated to it? How many users?

120 to 150 users.

i will try to delete jre folder.

thank you.

1000 MB would be more than enough.

Thank you wr00t!