Admin account deleted accidentally, tried all solutions no luck

Dear All,

My openfire AD account got deleted accidentally.

i tried this method : . but no luck.

i am using command line MySQL and after commiting the steps of deleting admin.authorizedJIDs and inserting the new ones. when i use select statement (select * from ofproperty where NAME=‘admin.authorizedJIDs’;), i do see the changes in the table but i still cant login into the Openfire Admin console from the new and also old admin IDs.

Openfire version: 3.6.4

kindly provide help.


You can rerun the setup and specify new admin pass. This hould create the admin again. To rerun the setup, stop Openfire, edit /conf/openfire.xml, change the last tag (setup) to false, then run it again and launch the Admin Console url.

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Thanks a lot wroot, that worked. but i guess the settings have changed a bit… i am looking into it right now.

Worked for me after a database move. Couldn’t for the life of me getting an admin back in with any of the XML conf or database changes. Re-running setup and connecting to existing database and re-entering LDAP information through setup got me back to the races.

Admin account got deleted accidentally, I Performed your advise :slight_smile: rerun the setup, stop Openfire, edit /conf/openfire.xml, change the last tag (setup) to false, then run it again and launch the Admin Console url where it as asking previous admin password and here i strucked because that user is deleted.
Can you plz suggest more to fix it ?

This issue is fixable, After endless efforts i have overcome this issue but had bad experience bcoz no one replied on my issue from comunity, I edited the HSQL and fixed the issue.
If anyone facing similar just msg here or email i will happy to fix it. Solution is bit complex no matter which OS you have or which database you are with my sollution applied for all.

Talwinder, although I appreciate your attempt to help people recovering from this problem, reviving a thread that many years old probably isn’t the best way of doing this. Furthermore, I would appreciate you writing down your solution, rather than directing people away from this community into your private inbox.

In any case: To temporarily restore access to the admin console of Openfire, you can configure Openfire to use a a One-Time Access Token. This process is described in