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Admin Consol shows users online always

When I log in on Admin Consol under users and sessions it shows users that are online, who are actually offline for the long time.

For the session some of the users have multiple entries (authenticates and close) status online, but they are all offline.

On my client they appear offline, and netstat on server (windows 2000 pro) shows a lot of close_wait for these users.

They use flash (gush) and nornal clients (exodus and miranda).

Is something wrong with my setup?


Hey mrgud,

As you have discovered the reason for those dangling sessions that you see in the Admin Console is that the underlying socket has not been completely closed. Iā€™'m not an IT expert but this sounds to me like a network problem and not an application problem.

A couple of suggestions are:

  1. Check the error logs for more information

  2. If you have a firewall try disabling it for a while and check if the problem still occurs.

  3. Look for dropped packets/errors on the network.

  4. Study IP counters with netstat.

  5. Make sure you have NIC and switch ports set to 100mbit/s full duplex and no autoneg


ā€“ Gato