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Admin console info message

In the info log, I see the following message:

Admin console listening at https://jabber.example.com:9091

I should instead see:

Admin console listening at https://server.example.com:9091

It looks like the message is using xmpp.domain instead of xmpp.fqdn. Is there another setting I’m supposed to set to correct this log message?

did you enter the FQDN for the Name of the server during setup? Does the server have 2 different DNS entries (an a record and a cname)? Openfire only seems to like to honor the a record name of a server.

Oops. I typo’d my original question.

Setup asks me for the jabber domain during setup. I put in “example.com”. My fqdn is server.example.com and I set that via xmpp.fqdn after setup was completed. There are no CNAMEs involved.

The admin log says “Listening on example.com:9091” instead of “listening on server.example.com:9091

You can rerun your setup again by editing the <setup> tag in your openfire.xml to match this <setup>false</setup>