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Admin Console Login takes forever / hangs


I recently installed Openfire 4.4.2 x64 on Windows 2019 Server with Active Directory-LDAP-Integration and MS SQL 2014 Database. The initial setup runs fine. Every test passes.

But there is a weird issue with the admin console login. Openfire seems to recognize the user-name, but it’s getting stuck loading. Nothing happens, no error or anything helpful. Trying a wrong username, there is an instant error-message displayed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, because i’m out of ideas what to try next.

Which browser? You can try in incognito/private session to see if there is any difference.

Thank you for the quick response.

I tried Internet Explorer and Chrome so far. It’s the same issue with both browsers, unfortunately also the same with private tab.

I forgot to mention, that the Administrator Login with Spark does work.

Just curious… what do you mean by “the Administrator Login with Spark does work”? I’m having a problem getting to the Openfire administration page and we also use ActiveDirectory integration. Is there another way to get to admin settings besides the Openfire server?

I think it meant that it is possible to login in Spark with the same account used for administration in Admin Console. But that only allows you to chat. You can’t administrate you server in there. Admin Console is the only way. Well, there are also REST API and other plugins, but they are designed for more specific tasks like creating users, groups, etc.