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Admin Console login

I need to reset the password for the admin console login. Is this even possible and second, how can I go about doing this?

Hi Chris,

there are some options. If you can restart Openfire without problems (like must be 24x7 running) and if you have an account which you use then you can add this account to the “admins” within conf/openfire.xml, then login with this account and use the web console to change the admin password.

Having said this I would delete the “admin” user and create an admin user with with a more random JID, so hacking ‘admin’ is no longer possible and will not give the hacker admin rights.

If you are using the embedded database you must stop Openfire to edit the openfire.script file, with a remote database you can run an sql statement to alter the “admin” entry within the JIVEUSER table. Set ENCRYPTEDPASSWORD to NULL and set a new value for PLAINPASSWORD.

If you are using a previous version PLAINPASSWORD may be named PASSWORD.


Thanks, I’ll try and give that a shot. I work for a school so it needs to run from 8-3 at least. I also should point out im a mysql noob so if you feel there is some specials commands I’ll need I would appreciate them!



if you still have an account with a known password you may really want to use it after modifying conf/openfire.xml.

Otherwise let us know whether you need help with the SQL statement.


I’m having the same trouble on the Mac OS X version (running 10.5) except it doesn’t accept a username and password right after I enter them in Setup!

I’m using the embedded database, but can’t find the openfire.script file you mention (I’m assuming it’s somewhere under /usr/local/openfire, but even sudo find / -name openfire.script[/i] produces nothing…)

Please could you tell me how to reset the password on this version? More to the point, how can I get it to actually accept the one I entered in the first place?

(It also seems the only way to uninstall is to remove the pref pane by right clicking, then execute sudo rm -rf /usr/local/openfire /Library/Receipts/Openfire.pkg[/i] - there really[/i] should be an uninstall option in the package installer or the preference pane!)



do you have an /usr/local/openfire/embedded-db folder? There should be an openfire.log file which should be converted to openfire.script as soon as you restart Openfire.


I have the same issue, sort of, as the original poster. I wanted to get admin access, and for some reason my account wasn’t giving me access, despite being listed in the authorizedUsernames section. I had a colleague check and it went through fine. Its been a while since I was in the console, can OpenFire link to AD accounts, or are they purely internal?

Anyway, I looked at a guide for reseting the admin password and ran the following in the OpenFire database:

<code>update jiveUser set password=‘123456’, encryptedPassword = null where username =‘admin’;</code>

I also added admin to the authorizedUsernames section and restartedthe OpenFire servce.

Still can’t logon with admin! What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Woo! I’m in, assigned admin rights within OpenFire to my desktop account, rather than my admin account. Seems there’s probably something in the password of the other account it doesn’t like… no, wait, it’s due to group membership changes. Goodness I’m dense

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