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Admin console only on localhost?

Is there any way to restrict the admin console to only listen on localhost rather than any IP?

i dont recall if there is Jive internal option to bind it only to localhost, i think there was a thread about similar question once. Well, i can only suggest using firewall:)

You can download tomorrow’'s nightly build or check out the latest code from CVS which will let you restrict the local address/es that will accept connection requests.

You will need to modify the jive-messenger.xml file to include the new adminConsole.inteface element. You will end up with something like this:



– Gato

I have the opposite problem. I can’'t seem to get it to allow me to log onto the admin console from anywhere but the localhost! I have opened ports 9090 and 9091 and have port forwarded these ports via my router.

I can access the server from the internet so I know that my port forwarding (for the 5222 and 5223 ports) is working.

Any reason why I can’'t do remote admin?


and what error do you get in your browser? have you waited enough after server statrt up, admin console is starting slowly. What address are you entering in your browser? have you tried to enter Ip based address instead? xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9090