Admin console password

Today Openfire was updated to the latest version of Openfire 4.7.5.
After installation (on the CentOS server, the built-in HSQLDB database), the program started, but at the stage of setting the administrator password, the current password was already entered in the line, and the new password was not set. Now I can’t log in to the Openfire admin panel, what should I do?

Добрый день.
Сегодня обновлялся до последней версии Openfire 4.7.5.
После установки (на сервер CentOS, БД встроенная HSQLDB) программа запустилась, однако на этапе установки пароля администратора, текущий пароль уже был вписан в строку, а новый пароль не установился. Сейчас я не могу войти в административную панель Openfire, что мне делать?

Here I enter a new password, but it is not saved. When I enter the admin panel, it says that the password is incorrect.

To temporarily restore access to the admin console of Openfire, you can configure Openfire to use a a One-Time Access Token. This process is described in

With this temporary access, you can then recreate and admin user, or reset the password of an existing user.

As described by the link I did, but for some reason there was no window with a one-time password input when loading, the window loaded the same as I threw off the screenshot above.
However, I solved the problem in this way: Adding or deleting admin accounts to Openfire
And I found another option, but I didn’t have to use it:
in the <adminConsole> tag, write: <authorizedUsernames>admin</authorizedUsernames> because it is missing from the configuration file openfire.xml when reinstalling Openfire