Admin Console Port

Hi Everyone,

So I did some digging and found that if I disabled the port 9090 by using -1 in the openfire.xml that it would work. However, I did a step further I first tried and deleted the line in the xml file for port 9090 that didnt work. I then tried adding the -1 to the openfire.xml and still no luck. When I log into the admin console, I can still see port 9090 being used and better yet, I can still log in with http://servername:9090… please explain why I can still do this… Coz i really dont want this to happen. I just wanna use the SSL login.

Thanks once again.

P.S If you require any screenshots, please do let me know.

I did another step forward and blocked 9090 port in my firewall I will test -1 issue later on my test server.

Wasn’t able to reproduce. If i remove 9090 from openfire.xml, then i’m able to login on 9090 port. But when i add back -1, then it only listens on 9091. Openfire 3.7.0 on Windows XP.