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Admin console reports too many sessions

When going to the Session tab in Wildfire’'s admin console it can displays too many active sessions.

In fact it displays the count of authenticated AND unauthenticated sessions. Therefore, only authenticated session are displayed in the list since we only have information for authenticated session.

Page fragmentation si based on this count, so in the end you can click on pages that displays nothing.

Step to reproduce:

  • With Smack or anything else connect 100 clients without authenticating

  • Go to the sessions tab you will have 4 empty sessions pages



this may be related to JM-897.


Yes, all should be due to the fact that it reports all conected session but displays only the authenticated ones.

Even in latest WF version session-summary.jsp uses SessionManager.getSessionCount() to display active session count. Why doesn’'t use SessionManager.getActiveSessionCount() (only authenticated session will be return) which indeed return the right number?