Admin Console Web server

I was wondering how the admin console is hosted. Is it done through IIS, Apache or other web server? We have two other web sites running on IIS on the server we installed OpenFire onto and wanted to change the address to something eles so it won’t interfere with the default web site running in IIS. Any suggestions?

it uses jetty, and is not on port 80 so should not interfere with any standard IIS sites. The openfire port is 9090 by default.

Ok that helps, is there a way with jetty to change host headder so instead of using servername:9090 we could enter openfire.lan (for example) in a web browser location and have it go to the admin console login? I know I would likely have to create a DNS record

You can change the ports and network interface of those ports in the openfire.xml file. You should have your DNS entry made first and configure openfire to use that name.